Baci n. 68

A rough draft of my newest sestina, offered with no comment.

Baci N. 68
A true friend knows all there is to know about you yet still likes you.
E. Hubbard

They say love is an ever splendid thing,
But they who love, know love is not so tame,
Nor so willful as the tempest would seem.
Love does not look upon the challenges
And balk at the sound of noble reason
Lecturing about foolishness and pride.

And yet love is every sin and pride
And a far more noble, dangerous thing
Than can be dreamed of, even by reason.
And though the casual glance may 'pear tame,
It is the residue of challenges
Defeated by what does but timid seem.

I promise, there is more there than does seem
And friendship nurtured by love held with pride
Is true testament to the challenges.
I've never known love as an easy thing,
But I have grown stronger, and yes, more tame,
And I tell you that love is the reason.

And I'll be e'er grateful for the reason,
Even if it, as blasphemy, does seem;
Lost love has wisdom, and strength can be tame.
But I acknowledge love with certain pride
For it, I promise, is a noble thing
That forced me to face my own challenges.

It has never been without challenges,
Like love's fire in the face of cold reason-
And love cannot defeat every thing.
I know, as contrary-ian as does seem,
I will say it with the utmost of pride,
That letting go is strength, and is tame.

A friendship born of love might not seem tame,
Nor is such friendship without challenges,
But to lose friendship for lost love is pride.
And the love is still there, with due reason,
For my life was changed more than it does seem
Because love is an ever splendid thing.

Really, here's the thing: friendship is love, tame,
Strange as it may seem.  And the challenges
Faced for that reason, should be worn with pride.