Baci n. 20 (version two... I think)

Baci n. 20
Love is a spontaneous grass, not a garden plant.
I. Neivo

How very like the common grass ,is love;
Hearty, yet tender and resilient
In the face of trials and obstacles.
Even when the earth has been scorched by war,
Drought parched, trampled and ev'ry blade broken,
The Gentle Shoot yet rises to the sun.

And we mortals rise as if to the sun
As the softest caresses of some love
Would heal a heart that time itself has broken.
Man is a beast, ever resilient
And e'en though often with himself at war
Love still overcomes all such obstacles.

Yet no matter how many obstacles
May lie under the ever-arcing sun,
The drought itself will also lose the war.
Water is the object that bestows love;
The object that waxes resilient
Offering itself to the heart-broken.

The truth is, no one is e'er so broken
That grass may not cover such obstacles
That against love, seemed so resilient.
It is e'en as obvious as the sun
That the spontaneity of true love
Was there even before the mind found war.

Tis the mind that hides itself behind war
Ever conscious of a heart once broken
From such woe as is only found through love.
Not drought, not flame, nor snow are obstacles
To the wild grass, persistent as the sun,
Hidden now, but ever resilient.

And it will prove itself resilient
As the water washes away the war:
Grass breaking forth from ground baked by the sun.
Only the outward visage seems broken,
For even the toughest of obstacles
But become the foundations for true love.

Love, like grass, is the most resilient
Of all obstacles.  Tis ourselves that war
Fearful, thought broken; pining for the sun.