Fifteen years ago, I would have looked at you askance if you told me I was going to be a Modern Verse Dramatist specializing in Creative Advocacy. My first few plays were entirely self-serving explorations of my own suffering. As I continued to write I eventually realized I wanted more from my work than the vanity that had driven me thus far. Like my life, my narratives turned from pain to hope, and from me to the greater world. Tragedy may be a cornerstone of my characters' past, but it also a beginning. When I write about rape, it is about the survivor, and not about the act. When I write about attempted suicide, it is not about what lead them there, but what leads them out. And as much as I write stories about love, I write how they begin; happily ever after is up to you. Plays have the potential to inspire hope through characters who have come embrace life inspite of their woe. It is my hope that by presenting such characters, real people may be inspired to embrace their own lives beyond the confines of their experiences. Finally, I hope that such stories will present the reality of the situation to people who have not gone through it and burgeon greater understanding, awareness and acceptence for those who have.

As a Poet, I am currently working on several projects, namely: a collection of sestinas, and a series on Woman in Myth, expressing modern perceptions through the old tales, although a couple of them are also original pieces.

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