Airport Sparrows Act 1 scene v and vi

Sorry I'm getting this up so late, but as a bonus, I'm throwing in two scenes for one!  Enjoy!

Act 2 scene v
an airport 

enter SARAH and PAUL

Sarah- Alright Paul, what is it you’ve got to say,
You’ve had that smirk upon your face all day. 

Paul- Can’t a boy enjoy his indiscretions?
Must he share every little detail
When you’re not int’rested in who I'd hail? 

Sarah- Might believe you if I didn’t know you.
I’ve heard every story since your birth
As soon as you’ve had the breath to say it.
I'm not interested in your bullshit. 

Paul- Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Sarah,
Was just trying to have a little fun.
You don’t really want to hear it anyway.
So maybe I'll save it for another day. 

Sarah- And deal with your smirking face until then? 
I don’t think so, Paul. Come on, out with it,
You’ve no need to add to my discomfit. 


Aiport Sparrows Act 2 scene iv

Act 2 scene iv
the Blue Canary 

Lights up; LYNDON is on the phone, MARC is sitting at the bar 

Lyndon- I’m not saying that I don’t understand,
I'm just saying that I’m disappointed…
Come on man, I'm not holding it against you
And it was myself alone that saw it… [a pause]
Alright then, Jason, if that's what you want,
You can grab your check Friday afternoon. [hangs up]
Damn it; I should have just fired the asshole.
Marc- Well, living here is a catch 22,
And there really isn't much you can do
To improve upon the situation
So long as my brother's still around here. 

Lyndon- That's a certain amount of truth I fear, 
And much as I try to stay above it all,
This all plays out a little close to home.

Marc- That would have been me, had I not gone away. 

Lyndon- I wish there was something that I could say 
To make any of this better for you; 
But, at least there's not much to make it worse,
I mean, aside from the most obvious.

Marc- I would leave today if I could, no lie --
Not that I’m eager for my mom to die,
But this slow descent is hell all its own.
At least Laura's been leaving me alone. 

Lyndon- Yeah, I heard a little bird mention it; 
I don't think that's the smartest thing you've done... 

Marc- I wasn't trying to start anything,
And the example I was trying to bring... 

Lyndon- You're not going to be able to fix this, 
And not it's not your responsibility...
It was an asshole move, if you ask me. 

Marc- I guess it's pretty par for the course then. 

enter PAUL 

Lyndon- While, I'm certain that is her opinion, 
I know you a bit better than that though.
Why don't you put the evasions behind
And tell me what's really bothering you, Marc. 

Marc- Betty's prognosis is edging the dark, 
And when it comes to it, I'll have naught left:
I'll have no reason to stay when she's gone.
And it's not like I've much to return to;
I haven't had the best luck in LA... 
I'm just lonely, Lyndon; what can I say. 

Lyndon- Come on Marc, get Sarah out of your mind;
[to PAUL] Evening Friend, can I some bev’rage find? 

Paul- A Cosmo, my dear, would be quite lovely,
Don’t suppose you're saving this seat for me. 

Marc- It wasn’t being saved for anyone,
Though this isn't the warmest discussion. 

Lyndon- A bit warmer than the street, I'd wager. 

Paul- There is a chill that's naught to do with the air,
Which is not to say that I really care,
But I prefer a little discretion
In the cold stares thrown in my direction. 

Marc- Then you've come to the wrong side of town,
Which is not to say that there's a good part.
I’m Marc; this is Lyndon; you'll be safe here. 

Paul- Oh, that is rather sweet of you, my dear,
But I can take care of myself, I swear. 

Lyndon- As your host, I prefer you be aware 
Of the circumstances you've strolled into;
I'll be happy to call a cab for you. 

Paul- Don't fret o'er me, handsome; I'll be fine, 
But it seems I interrupted something... 

Marc- Nothing particularly int'resting; 
The rambles of someone Fate's detesting. 

Paul- Now that sounds rather int'resting indeed. 
They say talking to a total stranger
Often leads to some different insights; 
And you'll not find any stranger than me. 

Lyndon- I'd argue, but I completely agree. 

Marc- I'm tired of hearing myself say it;
Let’s say an old nightmare killed a new dream
And I am not so happy as I seem. 

Paul- Non sequitors and evasions; how new;
It's no wonder that there's no help for you. 

Lyndon- He spoke affection’s key word to his ex
In front of a girl who'd caught his fancy.
The timing was ill, and she caught no context,
But it sure as hell killed his desired tryst.

Paul- So just give it a few flicks of the wrist. 

Lyndon- I only wish it was so easy for him; 
Unfortunately, fancy's made lust dim. 

Marc- I know that it won't excuse anything,
But just because I do still love Laura
Does not mean I want relations with her:
That romance has been dead a long time now.
It's not like I've had the best luck in love,
But then this other girl did come around,
And found me at my most clumsy of selves,
And still opted to bless my company;
I was oe'rjoyed by the prospect of it.
Now, I understand I hardly knew her,
But I really believe there was something...
She was a brief light to my life in hell
And I hoped she saw that in me as well. 

Paul- So what will you do to rectify it? 

Marc- There's nothing that I can do. Honestly; 
She want's nothing at all to do with me. 

Paul- Oh, honey, you must do better than that, 
Or you'll never win her over again. 

Marc- She made her choice, so end of discussion. 
I refuse to make her life mis'rable
Just because I believe there's something there.
I've been on the wrong side of that before. 

Paul- Would that be the girl who caused the closed door? 
Well, you are in a bit of a pickle. 

Lyndon- And now he's here bemoaning his fate, 
Over words said too soon, and far too late. 

Paul- So, what would you say if she was here now? 

Marc- I really just want a chance to explain; 
And show misconception as a false stain.
If she still wants naught to do with me then,
At least it would be for a fair reason. 

Paul- Perhaps the reason is real already, 
And it's you whom she sees as unsteady. 

Marc- Either way, I'd rather the slate be clear. 

Paul- Well, I wish you the best of luck, my dear; 
As clearly you've not written her off yet. 

Lyndon- For my sake, I wish he'd simply forget; 
He's got enough going on without her
That it seems a great waste to wallow so. 

Paul- There's no accounting for taste, as you know; 
You'll just have to suffer til he lets go. 

Lyndon- If she was but out of mind, or within reach… 

Paul- These are not lessons a person can teach; 
Now, my good man, how much do I owe? 

Lyndon- Leaving us so soon? I just welcomed you. 

Paul- Alas, one and done is all I can do 
Or I'll ne'er manage to find the right bed...
And by your word, there're many a wrong one. 

Lyndon- For such courtesy as you have here done 
By bending yourself to his troubled voice
And thus diverting the flow from my ear; 
I have decided your account is clear. 

Paul- Oh, that's intolerably kind of you. 
Best of luck with the girl: gentles, adieu 

exit PAUL 

Marc- I guess you’re not pretty enough for him. 

Lyndon- Your sob story scares ev'ryone away,
So don't go blaiming me when they'll not stay. 
How 'bout you fill the air with ought than tears
And throw some money into the jutebox? 

Marc- You'd better handle that yourself, my friend,
For my music would but service the same end. 



Airport Sparrows Act 2 scene iii

This is one of those scenes that I had a lot comments from after the reading.  Namely, why the town was so bad, and what exactly Betty did, were left unclear in the original version.  Or, I suppose it's more correct to say that the last draft was less specific.  In any case, here is the updated, more refined version.  Enjoy.

Act 2 scene iii 
a street

enter MARC and BETTY

Marc- I don’t know what to do anymore, mom.
It seems that ev’ry step I make is wrong –
Not that life in LA was much better,
But here every skeleton comes out
And harries what hope I had into rout.

Betty- I know you didn’t want to come home, Marc, 
And I have always respected your wish.
You must know it gladdens me that you're here –
Not that I'll keep you much longer, I fear.

Marc- Don’t expect me to find consolation
In the fact that you’ll soon be dead and gone.
However long you chose to linger ‘round
Will I, in this miserable town, be found. 

Betty- I know that there is much wrong in this place,
But I've always known I'd never leave it.
Even those who you would call enemy
Look after me as I once tended them.
When I am dead, you need never return,
But for now, for me, pray a blind eye turn. 

Marc- I have never understood your reasons 
For staying and putting up with all the 
Drugs and violence that carries this town.

Betty- If I left, I would have let myself down. 
All I need do is look at kids like you
To know I've been doing the right thing here.
There have always been more who needed me,
And if I left, who else would e'er help them?
No Marc, I love too much to ever leave. 

Marc- E'en after all the shit my brother's pulled? 


Airport Sparrows Act 2 scene ii

Act 2 scene ii
an airport 

enter PAUL and SARAH 

Paul- Is it too much to ask that you get here
At least a little before pre-flight begins?
A little kindness and ev’ryone wins. 

Sarah- I'm sorry Paul, my life’s a shit show now.
I had a run in with Michael last night
And I’m not in any mood just now to fight. 

Paul- Christ, can you not get away from that boy?
I would not wish him upon anyone
Least of all a friend who I care about.
Christ, how did you get stuck with such a lout? 

Sarah- Tis my fate to find only those low born
Who cannot do other than break my heart.
Maybe I should go international. 

Paul- What have you been keeping silent upon
That did claim but yesterday as dawn? 

Sarah- Not yesterday, but one day further on
Begat these fresh trials that darken my hope.
Seems that I, with men, simply cannot cope.

Paul- Yesterday’s precedent puts you with Marc…
What manner of ill beguiles e’en his mind
That he could afflict as soon as did find? 

Sarah- I cannot know other than what I saw,
Which, though short, was more than I could handle
Marc had saddled up to the bar and spoke;
He was most impassioned there in his speech;
With some drunk hussy of a maid, some skank
On whom bestowed that most ill fated word.
I didn’t e’en give him leave to explain…
I just left after did him defame. 

Paul- Now pray, my dear, how short is short a time
That you should find him and quick defame
And leave even before learning her name? 

Sarah- Confess the space of a breath broke the time:
I came and left as soon as saw the crime. 

Paul- Having not seen the maid, nor heard the speech
I cannot an accurate judgment make;
That said, I think you the subtext mistake. 

Sarah- It matters not to me anymore, Paul.
I am so sick and tired of man’s fell misdeeds,

That even if I misjudged this fellow,
Tis only a matter of time ere fails.
I’d rather avoid now what that entails. 

Paul- If you would choose love ‘lone by that measure
Than you censure love ere it can begin.
There is no such thing as a perfect love
That is ever above reproach and sin.
Perfect love is forgiveness Sarah,
And if you’ll not give him leave to explain
Than all of your hopes are hopes made in vain. 

Sarah- So says the man who avoids all such love
As though it were some most vile contagion
For which there is no inoculation.

Paul- Just because I have not found love
Doesn’t mean I won’t embrace it when found.
It is you who knows not what is love’s sound. 

Sarah- I’m done with it Paul, done with fantasy.
Love should find some other victim than me.

exit SARAH 

Paul- And I believe you find fault to readily,
I must to the truth of this matter see. 

exit PAUL