Airport Sparrows Act 2 scene vii and viii

So, here it is folks, the final two scenes of Airport Sparrows.  I hope you have enjoyed it, and we'll see what's next on the blog when I figure that out.  That whole planning ahead thing I haven't quite figured it out yet.

Act 2 scene vii
an airport 


Michelle- I must admit that I’m surprised you’re back.
What’s wrong the international track? 

Sarah- For the likes of you, think nothing at all,
But you’ve always looked to destinations
More than have ever enjoyed the journey.
I just think it’s too long a flight for me. 

enter LAURA, spilling coffee on them 

Laura- Oh fuck, oh shit!  I’m so fucking sorry!
I wasn’t watching where I was going. 

Sarah- Forget about it ma’am, it didn’t burn, we’re fine. 
Just watch the track to which your feet align.

[LAURA starts to go then stops Something about Sarah seems familiar]