Airport Sparrows Act 1 scene iii

Act 1 scene iii 
an airport 

enter MARC 

Marc- What madness is this that I should dawdle
And wait upon vanity’s wayward hope? 
What delusion gives that passing humour
Might find greater joy in my company
When I am, to all other eyes, a fool?
It's as if good sense has given away
My expectation of the bold demise
Usually found when I’d endeavour so.
Now, instead, it baits me onward to act
As though through some measure might gain vict’ry.
Yet what call can be made to the restless
Except to bear patience against fell fear
And wage bold wars upon his temitry.


Airport Sparrows Act 1 Scene ii

Act 1 scene ii
an airplane

lights up.  MARC and PASSENGER are seated.  Behind them is SARAH.  All are unaware

Captain- [over the intercom] Unto the attendant attention pay,
For your safety as we get underway. 

Sarah- [comes to the front for preflight] 
The seat belt sign is illuminated,
And such as the situation will be,
Bid of you fasten your seat belts tightly.


Passenger- Man; I don’t like these puddle hopper flights: 
More than any other, they give me frights.

Marc- They may not have been designed for comfort, 
But they are the shorter, safer legs.
Must admit that I hate these flights too,
Though it's not the flight that really gets me:
But the fact that they oft carry me back
To the places I left long ago...
Oh, shit. I do that flight attendant know!

Sarah- Several exits exist for escape: 
Upon this craft, front and to either side
Will find such doors as do service this end.[sees MARC and smiles]
Pray, spy that to which you would closest bend.


Passenger- Seems to me she recognizes you too.
God’s turned the hot seat on upon you. 

Marc- Yeah; great; an hour’s worth humiliation. 
Behold you my joyous excitation.

Sarah- Fit the mask o’er nose and mouth, then secure, 
Pull the elastic bands to tighten full
And breath normally, as though all were well.
Though the bag may not inflate, air dost flow.
Be sure to mask yourself ere else bestow.


Passenger- Nay man, I don’t think you’ll have such troubles.
She seems more amused than anything else.
I tell you young man, should advantage take,
And with her some wild mile-high lovin’ make

Marc- Think, old man, clumsy is not attractive, 
And that the love felt for such fools as I
Is that light kind of affection that’s held
By all for simpletons the world over.
Her attention is merely amusement
That fate has twice my feet ‘cross her path sent.

Sarah- Please turn off all portable devices. 
We shall alert when such electronics
As have been identified and approved
May be activated, if you are so moved.


Passenger- You are a young fool, just look at her smile.
Clumsy you might have been, but thinks your cute.
Have some courage boy: be resolute.

Sarah- Any questions we’ll answer with delight, 
But for now, sit back and enjoy the flight.


Marc- I do no think the matter’s so easy...

Passenger- Some things are rather simple to change friend, 
‘Pends alone on your desire for that end.

Sarah- Mister Coffee, I see you're flying with me; 
I'll thank you now to have little more care,
I don't have any more uni's to wear.

Marc- My feet are the article of disgrace, 
But being seated, should ease you of fear;
I assure you that I shall remain here. 

Sarah- This is the final leg for us tonight, 
So perhaps I'll accept your offer
And join you for that drink after we land. 

Marc- It would be my pleasure to make amends. 
My name’s Marcus, or Marc to my friends. 

Sarah- My name tag does my name as Sarah brand. 
Wait for me in the terminal when land. [she moves on]

Passenger- Perhaps there’s more to you then meets the eye, 
But you cannot, that she likes you, deny.



Airport Sparrows Act 1 scene i

So I decided it's time I started putting my plays up here to try and make them more accessible to people.  But, I'm not going to post the whole thing all at once, cause that would be too easy, but I will put them up scene by scene.  I'm going to start with "Airport Sparrows."  As some of you know and participated in the reading last year, this play is mostly set in a rural town a commuter flight away from LA, Marc is returning to a home he never wanted to return to and finds love along the way.  This version is the slightly reworked version based on the critical reviews I received after the reading, so those of you who were there can look forward to seeing those edits.

Airport Sparrows
Dramatis Personæ
Sarah- a flight attendant
Michelle- likewise, a flight attendant
Marc (aka Marcus)
Lyndon- Marc’s best friend, owns the Blue Canary
Laura- Marc’s ex, Lyndon’s sister
Paul- likewise, a flight attendant
Jason- bartender at the Blue Canary
Betty- Marc’s mother

also passengers, bar patrons, a pilot(over intercom)


an airport, an airplane, a street, a bar, a hotel room

Act 1 scene i 

an airport



How about we sidle into the personal for a little while.  I can't actually remember when this was written (which just goes to show I need to date my work) nor can I remember the specifics behind it.  I have a few hunches, and it's possible a few people will see themselves within the thoughts.  I call myself a poet, and this tends to go into the realms of the personal vent that I don't often give myself leave for.  I traditionally consider it a priority to put my pen to paper only when seeking to create, and not so much to vent, but even then, sometimes the mood strikes me.  "Trebuchet" was probably written during one of my long spells of single-dom, but it also echoes things people have said to me; things which I began to see as true even when I wrote it.  In any case, I hope you enjoy it.


here I look into my soul...
too deep...
A place I cannot yet see
for my heart stands in the

How long has it been since I allowed it to feel?
How long have I labored in sacred vanity
o'er the conceit of a broken heart?

I opened the gates to my heart so long ago
let myself be tethered to a dream
that was in fact a trebuchet
that launched my heart away.

What siege was I but fodder for?
I know not.
Nor know who won,
though I know it was not I.

Once, I was selflessly selfish,
but that all changed
til now I stand
still selfish
Trying to remember how to give.

How many loves have past me by
Because giving my all was not enough
when there was not much left to give?

It has hurt every time, in my mind's eye;
and though my heart feels,
How much does it give.
Til now I see reflections of myself in other's lives
making the same mistakes I've already made
and wishing I could teach them.

I have lost great things because I could not let them in,
though I could let them

Trapped in a glacier
Yet visible for all to see:
The great thaw has yet to come to me.

But it is no one else's work,
but mine
to shun the pain, and the fear
to melt the ice
til the path lays clear